Hall of Fame Inductee - Bob Paul

It all started with a 1949 Ford P/U and a 14yo boy behind the wheel in the 60's.  It wasn't long before Bob Paul knew he was meant to be blasting down a dragstrip.  He'd find anyway he could to get to the races and even though his P/U wasn't competitive nor legal along with not being old enough to drive.  Even when Carolyn and BP started dating weekend were off limits for dates unless she wanted to  come along.  Not many racers have had the career like Bob. He has won track championships in the 80's, 90's, 2000's and now back to back the 2010's.  He has raced the past 40+ years with the same motto, "cut a light and run your number" and it has served him well as he is easily one of the most decorated drivers in CCD history.  Although he started racing the P/U his real racing career started out on a motorcycle, pulling it with an S10 that would become his race vehicle a few years later, and that little farm truck is still carrying him to win lights and victories to this day.  He has been a friend to many, is always there to sell or even loan you the part that you need to keep going, and then will share a cold one with you after the racing is over as long as you know there just no bragging or whining at his trailer  He's been the first person there each and every week for many years, and locks the gate on his way out.   He hasn't made the fastest laps down the famed eighth mile, but he has surely made as many as nearly anyone.  He's had many teammates over the years, and given away more t-shirts than you could ever count.  As they say Larry Dixon lost the Miller Lite Top Fuel sponsorship shortly after he went on the wagon and like Bob's creaky old lawn chairs he fell off of that too, has had a few cinnamon shots, and a few more Miller Lites, but still going strong after all these years.  He's said he might be in the Hall of Fame, but he ain't retired yet, and looking to keep winning for many years to come.

First Time at Indy

2012 S/P & Box Champion

Day light under front tires

The beginning as a Street Truck 


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