Hall of Fame Inductee - Patty Lang

Our second honoree for the 2014 season really needs no introduction for anybody who has raced at CCD, be it in the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, 2000's and now the 20-teens.  There is only one other person who has spent as much time there, and that would be a fellow Hall of Famer.  Everybody knew her, loved her and respected her, always at Max's side, she was recently remembered simply as his right hand.  The beauty of that is that she always had her other hand ready to help, hold, and squeeze any one of her family and her racing family as well.  Even though her name was on the trailer, and on the race car, she was so much more than just another racers wife, she was our friend sadly taken away from us.  We know that she is looking down on all of us and beaming with joy for all of our families, and especially for Max for 50+ years of racing it has always been “and in the tower lane it’s the beautiful 1940 Willy’s of Max and Patty Lang”, and now in the CCD hall of fame as well.


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