Hall of Fame Inductee - Robby Easton

Our second CCD Hall of Fame Inductee for 2015 is, Mr. Robby Easton who needs no introduction really, and I’m almost positive he would've preferred it that way.  His fierce and competitive desire usually did the speaking for itself.  He had championships behind the wheel in a Jr. Dragster, Street Car, and a Dragster.  The list of people who can claim more overall wins at CCD is short, but no one can claim as many at such a young age.  He nearly had a national championship in Jr. Dragster in Denver, back when there was only one Jr. Dragster Nationals, losing only to some hot shot kid from California who was a year older than him, by the name of Shawn Langdon.  He retired from drag racing for the time being in 2010, and has been just as busy coaching youth baseball, traveling and mountain climbing. And just like playing cards, pool, or a game of hoops, he always strove to be the best, whether he was battling Bubba Long, Chad Isley, a mountain range or another teams baseball manager, his desire to win was as unmatched as we may ever see.





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