Hall of Fame Inductee - Gary "Too Tall" Morse

Gary Morse was a part of CCD History when the Track opened back up in the late 80’s! Many Racers have made laps, won racers, and won championships over the last 35 years and outside Chad Isley, "Too Tall"  is easily one of the most successful to ever fire it up.  His 25 years racing here was among some of the most competitive years to ever exist.  His 25 years racing here was among some of the most competitive and back when S/P averaging 50 cars each week, and he was not only a fixture in the Top 10, but won multiple Track Championships in 1991, ‘96, ‘97 and
then again in 2007.  Different eras, different drivers, but always in the hunt at the end of every race day.  He's always been give credit as the man who invented the “Buy Back Split”, but truth of the matter was he didn’t really have to change his race routine anytime.  He was cool as they come, he was always in the game, and because of that he was always in the Top 10.

If CCD had a Mt Rushmore, it would have Hall of Famers, Chad Isley, Bob Paul, Max Lang and now Gary Morse.  Whether in the Chevy II or the Vega, he had more S/P wins during his time than anyone else.   He was tuff as hell on his opponents, but a real class competitor. 

(Posted 2/9/2022)


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