Hall of Fame Inductee - Lonnie Gerrie

Lonnie Gerrie has been a part of CCD History from the late 60’s!  If you were anywhere near CCD or Motion Raceway in the early years, he'd need absolute no introduction.  He learned the ropes of Drag Racing in the Champaign area, this always tough racer was absorbing knowledge from racers and mechanics to jump start his abilities and stature as one of the absolute best to ever strap a helmet on.   Over the years, he developed a winning attitude that made him as fierce of a competitor as there ever was.  Looking back on those early years, we remember being lucky enough to learn what a great teacher he was, passing on knowledge that he had been given and experienced as well.  When this man spoke, If you were wise, you'd listen, as he helped many racers over the years with cars, engines, and other aspects of the Drag Racing game.  He had numerous wins at other tracks, including BIG Money races, but his biggest accomplishment was winning three years consecutive a CCD Track Championships and what's even more incredible was this was done in 3 different classes.  An unprecedented feat, he won Motorcycle, Super Pro, and Pro Championship!

Today he also becomes a Hall of Famer.

Mr. Lonnie Gerrie

(Posted 1/29/2023)

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