Hall of Fame Inductee - Mike Spence

Many racers who compete each and every week share many of the same passions; family, friends, knowledge, good times and fast cars.  These people who are lucky enough to combine all of those into the same package are truly the lucky ones

Mike is one of those lucky enough to have enjoyed all of those in one lifetime!  He often raced with his brothers, both with their own cars and/ or just tagging along with him to CCD and other tracks.  His wife was along for the ride for many years, and when she wasn’t there “woovy” was still proudly emblazed on the side of his Hot Rods.  Never one to shy from sharing his knowledge, all you had to do was ask the “Wizard” his thoughts and he would gladly share his own insight. He had different cars over the years, but the one that made him famous at CCD and also won him some National Event rounds in Super Street, was one of those cars that made racer and spectator alike run to the fence.  He often joked that sometimes he probably wasted a few passes by seeing just how far, and how long of a wheel stand he could carry in the old 57 Chevy.  Later, he enjoyed racing at the Hot Rod Reunions and again at CCD in his old school Anglia.

A family man, a friend to many, and a very wise & helpful man, a fierce competitor, and now a CCD Hall of Fame Inductee.

(Posted 1/23/2017) 

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