Hall of Fame Inductee - Ray Evans

Ray Evans, raced back in the 1960's at a track southeast of Springfield, and then quit when his son Warren and daughter Cheryl came along.  Like many of us over the years, life got in the way and he took some time off from the sport, eventually coming back in the late 1980’s when CCD re-opened.  The first car most remember him racing in was the ultra popular and high horsepower model of the Chevrolet Citation in street class, later giving way to a Vega that he dubbed his “second childhood”, running it in pro class until it gave way to an altered and later a dragster in the super pro class.  His biggest victory came at the very first VP Racing Fuels No-Box Nationals at CCD, where he worked his way thru many rounds to take home the $5,000 top prize.   Along the way he was also credited with the first 2 Junior Dragsters at CCD, cars he built himself for his daughters Cindy and Clatie to drive, thus starting a legacy that has been continued over the years with his name bearing the title of the weekly Consolation Race in Jr. Dragster since 1998.  A racing accident stopped his weekly trek to the races around that time, but his memory has always been there thru family and friends, his legacy and memories forever here. 

(Posted 1/29/2020)


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