Hall of Fame Inductee - Ron Zinn

Ron has been a part of Coles County Dragway USA for many years from a trusted & respected worker to a feared Racer! 

Some members of our hall of fame have been great track champions, division champions, and many time race winners.  Others have been friends of the track, people who have embodied the spirit, commitment and perseverance to which others should drive to be.  Ron won more than any other person at CCD, and we don’t mean races.   He won the admiration of so many, he won the respect of so many, and he personified exactly what every racer should be. Class, Gentleman, Sportsmanship.  He was a racer some 20 yrs ago and then helped out a former Track Operator as Staging Lanes Director, because he was asked to help.  Fast forward a few years and he was back to racing, where he thrived and so enjoyed his time at the track.  He met so many people thru the years, and the only way he didn’t consider you a friend was if you hadn’t had the pleasure to meet him.  CCD has known a lot of people in, but we don’t know of anyone as thought of, as admired, as respected and loved as your 2019 HOF inductee, Ron “Papa” Zinn

A family man, a friend, a fierce competitor, a very respected man who'd give a part off his Hot Rod to get you into the next round, and now a CCD Hall of Fame Inductee.

(Posted 2/5/2019)


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