Hall of Fame Inductee - Rosalee Noble

Rosalee has been a part of Coles County Dragway USA family for many years.  In fact her roots go back to helping the Bill Fuqua Jr. when he was getting it ready to re-open and always being a feared Racer! 

As Ron Veach another Hall of Famer & Previous Owner was reading her induction he started with "I’ve known since about 1975, her son and I had a science project for Mr. Mcollums class we had to do together and I met her in the kitchen of her house, not even knowing way back then that I would best know her 20 years later at the drag strip"  We've been fortunate enough to know her all these years as a mother, racer, charitable icon and most importantly someone who has brought comfort and joy to so many people over the years, in quite possibly their worst of times.  A lady who to this day works as tirelessly as anyone we know, all for the betterment of someone else.  She doesn't get out to race near as much these last few years, but let us tell you when she shows up to race you’d better not take her to be the loving, smiling face that she puts on 99% of the time, because she’ll cut you off at the knees on the track if she gets the chance.  In case you didn’t know it, she has a Track Championships to her credit, but her accolades go all across this country in the world of DRAW, and her friends list is a who’s who of our sport, and she’s known across this country at Dragstrips near and far, but I think deep down she’ll always be ours.

(Posted 1/29/2020)


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