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Brandon Bergschnieder (JEGS Super Quick)

Tie Luechtenfeld Blanket

Al Peavler (JEGS Super Quick)

Ashley Bach (JEGS Super Quick)

Brandon Bergschnieder & Ron Hayman
(JEGS Super Quick)

Brian Pigg (JEGS Super Quick)

Brian Pigg & Ashley Bach
(JEGS Super Quick)

Dana Kutz (JEGS Super Quick)

David Williams (JEGS Super Quick)

JEGS Super Quick Racers

Jim Dronenberg  & Al Peavler
(JEGS Super Quick)

Jim Dronenberg (JEGS Super Quick)

Justin Kutz (JEGS Super Quick)

Ken Simpson (JEGS Super Quick)

Ken Storey (JEGS Super Quick)

Norman Smith (JEGS Super Quick)
Low Qualifier

Pat Freels (JEGS Super Quick)

Ray Ridgon (JEGS Super Quick)

Robbie Freels (JEGS Super Quick)

Scott Carman (JEGS Super Quick)

Terry Crain (JEGS Super Quick)

Tony Virgilio (JEGS Super Quick)

Tim Bateman & Brad Talbert  (Pro)

Sara Cassady & Travis East (Pro)

Lee Dawson & Bob Paul (S/P

Matt Chaney (S/P)

Abby Svoboda

Carson Donnel

Eric Willenborg

Clayton Patrick (Pro)

Bob Dillon & Dale Derosette (Pro)

Bob Dillon & Bill Thole (Pro)

Justin Lourash & Matt Chaney (S/P)

Greg Bratcher (Pro)

Gregg testing the timing equipment

Tom Harlin burning rubber

Andy Romine & Tom Harlin (Pro)

Harold Zahnd (S/P)

Tom Harlin (Pro)

Holden English (Pro)

Tom Jamison (S/P)

Jesse Nickel (Pro)

John "Outlaw" Perko (Pro)

Kevin Hunt & Max Lang (Pro)

Luv Drag Racin

Mike Lourash (Pro)

Josh Berbaum & John Perko (Pro)

Jesse Nickel & Ralph Craig (Pro)

Mike Robinson & Dale Derosette (Pro)

Mike Robinson & Bill Thole (Pro)

Mark Dunlap & Steve Rogers (S/P)

Steve Rogers (S/P)

Andy Romine & Ralph Craig (Pro)


Troy Salazar (S/P)

Bruce Tate & Kim Chase (Pro)


Richard Briscoe S/P winner with Tim & Zack Paap

Troy Hott's 51 Flyin Henry J

Sportsman Final 14 Aug (Veach vs Hunt)

Chad Lantz 33 Willy's

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