Pictures Page - September





(Pro) Andy Zahnd


(Pro) Ralph Craig

(Pro, Sportsman & 7.50 Index) Bob Dillon

(Super Pro & Quick Series) Mark Hopper

(Pro, Sportsman & Powder Puff) Kassie Edwards
2013 VP Racing Division 3 Race of Champions Winner

(Super Pro & Quick Series) Walt Edwards

(Outlaw Muscle Street) Joe Laramee


(Pro) Tony Lyons & Travis East

(Super Pro & Quick Series) Tim Paap

(Super Pro & Quick Series) Troy Salazar

(Pro & Sportsman) Clayton Patrick

(Pro & Sportsman) Ron Veach
Driving Darrell Thompson GTO

(Super Pro) Troy Salazar & Donnie Davis

(Pro) Terry Willard & April Isley

(Super Pro) Donnie Davis

(Super Pro & Quick Series) Mark Hopper

(Sportsman, Novice Street & Powder Puff)
Lakeland College Automotive

(Pro) Max Lang

(Super Pro & Pro) Terry Willard

(Pro, Sportsman & Powder Puff) Kelly Edwards





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