2023 Points - Bikes

As of June 5th

Summit ET Bike Points
Rank Car #  Rider 5/20 6/3 6/4 Total
1 3303 Chad Isley 9 6 5 20

Bikes will not run as a separate class in 2023!

The Racer with the most Bike Points will represent CCD at the Bracket Finals in the "The Race of Champions" and S/P Bike

Bike Racers running in S/P, Pro or Sportsman will earn points through one of those classes each race weekend they run a Bike. 
If a Bike Racer runs more than one class on their Bike they will earn "Bike" points on the class they earn the most points with. 
They will also earn those points in each of those classes they enter (S/P, Pro & Sportsman).

Example 1: Run S/P earning 3 pts
(3 points would be earned in S/P and the Bike Class)

Example 2: Run S/P earning 3 pts & Pro earning 13 pts
(Those points would be earned in the respective classes (S/P & Pro) & 13 pts in the Bike Class

2018 Track Champion
Brian Davis

Motorcycle Points Winner

Winner: 2019 Gold Card valid only at Motorcycle points races, CCD Winners Jacket & Trophy

R/U: CCD Runner-Up Jacket & Trophy

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