Special Events - Memorial Day Old Skool Drags

Old Skool Drags

May 27th

True Nostalgia Super Stocks
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Illinois Outlaw Gassers
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Combo (Box/No-Box), Footbrake & Novice Street

NHRA Speed For All Heads Up
(Big Tire, Small Tire & Grocery Getter)
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Jr. Dragsters

Old Skool Drags
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Gates open Noon / Time Runs 2 pm

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True Nostalgia Super Stock has captured the Spirit of Super Stock Drag Racing from 1959-1969!

Cars will be run on quarter second indexes. Indexes will be chosen before first round of competition and can’t be changed for remainder of competition. 1/8 Mile indexes will be the quarter mile index divided by 1.56 as follows:     

5.76 6.25 6.73 7.21 7.69 8.17
5.92 6.41 6.89 7.37 7.85 8.33
6.09 6.57 7.05 7.53 8.01  



          All cars permitted from 1955 1972 if available from factory with V-8 engines. Cars must be rear wheel drive. Cars and drivers must meet ALL NHRA safety requirements for ET and speed car will be running. Cars must retain factory type steel quarters and roof skin. No external modification of any body line or panel allowed except minimal trimming for tire clearance. Hoods required. Lightweight fenders, hood, doors, decklid, and bumpers allowed. Hood scoops allowed and may be vintage, period correct or production style only. No Pro Stock style hood scoops permitted. Inner fenders must be retained. Trimming for header clearance permitted. Firewall must be stock and in factory location. Stock appearing bumpers required. Full floor pan in stock location, may be modified for fuel cell and clearance purposes. No spoilers or rear wings allowed unless available from factory production. Wheel tubs permitted. Battery may be relocated.   



          Interior must be finished and meet NHRA safety rules in accordance with front and rear firewall specs. Dashboard must be stock frame.  Rear seat may be removed. Full bench seat or TWO bucket seats required. Aftermarket gauges permitted.


          Engine must be era correct small block or big block V-8 only. Engine must correspond with manufacturer. ( GM in GM, Ford in Ford, Mopar/AMC in Mopar/AMC...). Any internal engine modification permitted. No dry sump oil systems allowed. Cylinder heads must look like original type of heads available and accept stock bolt pattern valve covers. Any Intake manifold/ carb combination permitted. No fuel injection permitted. Must fit under hood scoop rule. Must use onboard starter and be self

starting. Electric water pumps and cooling fans permitted. Must use water blocks with radiator. Headers with collectors permitted.


          Transmission must be OEM style manual or automatic. Planetary style manual trans prohibited. Manual trans must be clutch type manually applied and released by foot. Automatic trans may use other manufacturers in place of factory (power glide). Trans brakes prohibited. (can be used for reverse only). If you are running a transbrake and need to use it for reverse, you will be required to put a 'T' on the rear glass in a circle with window marker. Shift aids (electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic) prohibited. Two steps prohibited. Manual trans cars may stage with front wheel line lock.



          Fuel must be gasoline only. E-85 and alcohol prohibited. No power adders, must be naturally aspirated.



          Aftermarket ignition permitted. No throttle stops, two steps, or delay boxes allowed. No programmable ignitions allowed. No magnetos. Air/Fuel Ratio components permitted.



          Factory type front suspension (control arms, aftermarket permitted). Rack and pinion steering allowed. Must have stock type frame rails. Coilover shocks permitted. Strut front suspension prohibited. May use aftermarket rear suspension. 10.5W maximum rear tire. Wheelie bars permitted, must not extend past rear bumper. Aftermarket brakes permitted. Line locks permitted


Series points: 

     It will be the responsibility of the driver to bring timeslip to Headquarters pit at end of race to win the 7 point awards. In case of tie, the same timeslip will be used with opposing data. (reaction time will go to dial in amount and vice versa) The 7 point awards will be awarded whether you win or lose the round. Only one of each of the 7 point awards will be awarded per race weekend.

Every round of competition a bonus chip will be in bag that will award the person drawing this chip 1 bonus point. If you draw bonus chip you will draw again for opponent. Your car must stage and break the beams under its own power to receive round points.

Series Points

Points will be awarded as follows:

Show & Pass Tech

17 Pts

Competition Round (Break beams under power)

10 Pts

Win Race 7 Pts
Best Reaction Time during Eliminations 7 Pts
Closest to "Index" during Eliminations 7 Pts
Chip Draw "Bonus Chip"               (Each Round) 1 Pt

Your car must stage breaking beams with forward motion under its own power to receive round points (10) points.



Race Procedures

Full .500 tree with "Autostart" will be used. Courtesy staging at all times. NSS and dial in must be on windows as required by each track (Front & Side Window Facing Tower).

Racers must follow the Direction of Track Officials and True NSS Series officials in the Staging lanes, burnout box and pullup procedures. This is for everyone's safety

Time trials will be handled by track officials. You may run as many times as the track will allow.

Chips will be drawn before each round of competition to determine your opponent and lane. You must locate your opponent and when called to staging lanes you must come up together. Opponents may trade lanes if both agree. In case of a bye run due to ladder, an extra chip will be in bag. If your opponent can not make the call, you will receive a competition bye run. 

No buy backs.

You may not run your car in any other class during points race.

At end of season, if there are any points ties, the tied cars will have a runoff.

There will be a $100 yearly dues to join. This money will be used for end of season points awards. Top ten cars will be guaranteed pay. 

All cars will be initially rule checked. When season begins, the winner and runner up will be checked. One car will be randomly teched at each race. Rules committee will always watch all cars for violations. Any questions about any rules should be brought to any member of rules committee for satisfaction. Anyone caught violating rules will forfeit points for that race and can not continue any longer during that race weekend. Violations must be fixed to continue series at the following race. Rule Tech personnel will have final judgement on car tech.


If you have any questions about any rules or procedures, please call Dennis Spurgeon at (573) 259-1077.


Each race will have a $100 entry. Payout will be 100% of money after track cut.


Anyone wanting to pay dues before the first race can send $100 to:

True Nostalgia Super Stock Series

2159 Hwy 50

Rosebud, Mo. 63091

CCD Track cut will be $20 per entry


At CCD, all Drivers & Cars must meet NHRA Safety Requirements for Speed & ET

Track and Mailing Address: 4700 West State St, Charleston, IL 61920
Track Phone: 217-345-7777 - Rods Phone: 217-512-0673
Email: colescountydragway@gmail.com

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