2023 Reserved Pit Spaces

(Policy Statement)

Coles County Dragway USA offers Reserved Pit Spaces for the convenience of our valued participants.  Reserved Pit Spaces are mapped and numbered.  Once reserved, spaces will be marked as reserved on the pit road.  All spaces are at least 18’ wide and run perpendicular to the roadway, with the exception of spaces along the fence.  Fence spaces are wider due to the lack of length and the necessity to angle tow vehicles and trailers.  Racers with reserved pit spaces are allowed to leave their trailer & tow rig at CCD anytime at their OWN RISK and must follow our "Movement Policy" (moved out of pit stall at least every 2 weeks) to help maintain grass.  Anyone will have access to their trailer & tow rig in most cases 24hrs a day since we are on the premise, but please give us at least an 8hr notice so we can make sure someone is there to unlock the gate.

Reserved Pit Parking spots will be in effect for all Summit ET Series events and available for $125 (Single) and each additional spot is $175 each.

Reserved pit spaces are good only on the following dates (Summit ET Series): April 22, 23 & 29; May 13, 20; June 3, 4, 10, 17, 24; July 8, 9, 15, 22, 29; August 5, 12, 13, 19; September 9, 10, 30; October 1, 7, 8 & 14.  

Paap Printing Friday Prep Track Fun Nights & Pre/Post season TnT are on a “1st come 1st serve “basis. 

2023 Reserved Spot Holder will be allowed early access (Thursday 5pm) to CCD Big $ Races on 22 Apr, & 23-24 Sep to secure their spot.

They are located on the return roads with a majority (145 spots) running west while (30 spots) run east (92-120).  Parking Spots are at least 18’ wide.  Spots 16-32 share the front overhang with Spots 92-98, Spots 24-32 share the front overhang area with Spots 99-105 & Spots 33-46 share the front overhang with Spots 106-120. Spots 47-91 & 141-166 are the longest at over 100’.

Only those with reserved spots may leave their trailers for more than 3 days, but must follow our “Movement Policy” (moved out of pit stall at least every 2 weeks) to help maintain grass.  Anyone not following our movement policy will lose privileges to keep trailers at the track for the remainder of the year.   At no time is Coles County Dragway USA, LLC, Rodney/Danette Viehland responsible for trailers or its contents.  Leaving your trailer at the track is at your own risk!  Private insurance is highly recommended and below is Laris Motorsports Insurance info as they are just one of many.

Laris Motorsports Insurance 
2424 Edenborne Ave.
Materie, LA 

NOTE: Motor homes and enclosed trailers are not permitted along the fence.  There is NO PARKING south of the bleachers next to the finish line (just east & across from the ET Ticket Booth).

Pit Spaces, which were reserved the prior season, have “first rental rights” for their respective spaces in the up coming season. All reserved pit spaces must be paid by 15 February, 2023. All spots not paid before 15 February 2023 are considered open and will be offered on a “first come, first served”, basis.

Any Pit Space paid or post marked after 10 March 2023 will be $200 each.

Reserved Pit Spaces:
 $125 single and a 2nd & each pit space there after is $175 each. if paid by 9 March 2023
$200 each if paid 10 March 2023 or after.

Pit Parking Request Form

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Anyone who had a Reserved Pit Space from the previous year has the right of first refusal.  If you'd like to keep  your spot please print "Pit Parking Request Form" and  submit via email by or regular mail; postmarked by February 15th, 2023. Spaces will be reviewed by management before any space is reserved. 

email it to colescountydragway@gmail.com, or you can mail it to: “Reserved Pit Parking” CCD USA, 4700 West State St, Charleston, IL. 61920.

Reserved Pit Spaces are updated periodically on the web-site, but, please confirm availability via e-mail, colescountydragway@gmail.com, or phone, (217) 345-7777 or (217) 512-0673.

Once confirmed, all checks should be mailed to:
Coles County Dragway USA
4700 West State St
Charleston, IL. 61920

2023 Reserved Parking Spots
(current as of 05/22/2023)

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(Click here for list of spots/names)

(Updated 05/02/2022)
(Posted 02/18/2014)


Track and Mailing Address: 4700 West State St, Charleston, IL 61920
Track Phone: 217-345-7777 - Rods Phone: 217-512-0673
Email: colescountydragway@gmail.com

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